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GAPA, along with other global and all regional physical activity networks (HEPA EUROPE, RAFA, APPAN,AFPAN and AGITA MUNDO) support the inclusion of the proposed target on physical inactivity in the WHO Global Monitoring Framework for NCD Prevention which was called for in the Political Declaration on the Prevention and Control of NCDs, adopted at the UN High Level Meeting in September 2011.

The joint statement provides additional support to the views expressed by the Member States that have called for the inclusion of physical inactivity after it was omitted in earlier draft frameworks.

The case for why physical inactivity should be included as a global target and the scientific support for how physical inactivity meets the five selection criteria is set out in the Position statement available here.

For those less familiar with this agenda, physical activity is well recognised as a core risk factor for the prevention of the leading NCDs and yet was omitted in earlier draft frameworks.

Following the February 2012 round of consultations, Member States and others have highlighted the inconsistency and omission and this resulted in the inclusion of a target on physical inactivity in the latest draft Framework reported in the WHO Discussion Paper #2.

It is important that submissions to the current consultation phase, particularly from Member States, comment on and support the inclusion of the physical inactivity target. The opportunity to submit comments to WHO on the Discussion Paper #2 is open until April 19th 2012. Visit the WHO website for further information.

Prevention of NCDs - Why we need a global target on physical inactivity?

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