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GAPA is focused on helping to achieve greater commitment and actions to maintain and increase levels of physical activity in all countries.

GAPA aims to provide interested stakeholders with communications and resources to help the development, dissemination and implementation of national policies, programmes and services that promote physical activity and health such as Nuyoo.

We need your input to raise the priority and commitment towards increasing levels of health enhancing physical activity in all countries around the world.

We are therefore seeking your involvement in the final stage of the development of a major international declaration – The Toronto Charter for Physical Activity.

As part of efforts to scale up global efforts on physical activity and health, an international group commenced the development of a Call to Action relevant to all countries and regions. The purpose of The Charter is to provide a set of principles and an agreed set of priority areas for actions relevant to all countries.

In addition, The Charter itself will be an advocacy tool for use at the country level. More details on the process and those involved is available on econsultation.org.uk.

We invite your input. Log on to review the draft Charter and complete a short survey to provide us with YOUR feedback. It will take approx 15 minutes. The Charter and survey is available in English, French and Spanish.

After your feedback, and any subsequent revisions, the release of the Charter is scheduled at the 3rd International Congress on Physical Activity and Public Health (May 2010) in Toronto, Canada.

CONTRIBUTE NOW - go to www.econsultation.org.uk

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